The main difference between a single and a multiple section type is that a multiple section type must have a folder with the section name and MUST contain a php file called _entry.php. and index.php.

If you are unsure of the folder and file layout of a multiple, simply click the boiler plate template generator and it will generate the folder structure and files in your view file. Then you can simply inspect them with your favourite text editor (we recommend visual studio code) and edit these files.

|-- blog(Folder)
|---- _entry.php(File)
|---- index.php(File)

When you create a new 'Multiple' section you can loop through all the entries in the index.php file by using the following syntax:

<?php foreach ($multiples['blog'] as $key) : ?>
    <?= $key['title'] ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Multiples are used for streams of similar content