IMPORTANT Download is currently unavailable at the time of writing


IMPORTANT Please ensure you have set the base_url first, under application > config > config.php

IgnitedCMS is a one click install, with little or no configuration your end. And we pride ourselves on our installer. No need for composer or any other dependencies. It really is a thing of beauty.

There are a few steps.

  1. Download the latest version from github
  2. Extract the file and rename to ignitedcms-pro
  3. Put this folder in your localhost environment
  4. Edit the config file to match the base url (see above)
  5. Point your web browser to http://localhost/ignitedcms-pro
  6. And simply enter in your database credentials

Windows Users

Windows users can use either mamp or xamp, please ensure your folder has write permissions for the installer to work correctly.

Mac Users

Mac users same as Windows users. Just make sure you have your server configured to use the standard web port 80

Linux Users

First you need to give the full folder 777 permissions. This can be done by going into the terminal and typing:

chmod 777 -R ignitedcms-pro

Then continue the install as normal. (Obviously on a production environment you will want to make sure the folder isn't given full 777 permissions. But we'll leave that to you. For a more detailed overview of the folders read write permissions please see here)

Please note this will only work with the installer. You cannot add the database manually.

1 Run the setup wizard

Finally, it’s time to run the Setup Wizard from your web browser

Point your web browser to http://localhost/ignitedcms-pro and follow the setup instructions

2 Enter your details

  1. Enter your database credentials
  2. Choose your database name (note do not manually create this)

3 Enter your site details

4 Confirm your timezone

5 Setup complete

You will now be redirected to the login screen where you can enter your password!