The framework uses the feather iconset for a minimalistic icon toolkit. You can use it easily by including a javascript stylesheet from a cdn and by adding a simple javascript function.

<script src="assets/js/feather.js"></script>

<script> feather.replace(); </script>

To use simply add the following wherever you want

<i data-feather="user"></i>

<button class="btn btn-white drop-shadow">
   <div class="v-a">
      <div class="m-r">testing</div>
      <i data-feather="user"></i>

Changing the icon styles

In order to change the style and color of the icons, create a class and attach it to the data-feather attribute. For example, to change the size, create a width and height class.

Available icons

Please see https://feathericons.com/ for a list of all available icons.