A micro javascript framework with no build steps
IgnitedJS is a UI framework for building gorgeous web components with zero build steps. We're using Tailwind and Vue components that you can easily hotswap within your next SaaS application
If you have ever wanted a rich component framework without using a complicated node build step this is for you!

Stress free

Modern javascript frameworks come with a lot of fatigue. Build steps are becoming increasingly complicated and even getting started can be difficult. Ignited Js takes a new approach by simply hotswapping components as and when you need it. With zero build steps it makes for a painless stress free setup.

Simple and elegant

Simplicity is what everyone loves. No typescript or eslinters. Just rapid frontend development that is a joy to use.

Light and accessible

Ignited Js components have been carefully designed from the ground up to be accessible and performant. By knowing 'tailwind' you can quickly restyle the components to match your theme.

How is this different

Pretty much every front end javascript framework is documented using an official build step — a typical SPA. I've always been a fan of working with a traditional server side framework, with only sprinkles of javascript for the frontend.

Whilst this workflow isn't the most optimized, it makes up for it with productivity boosts and simplicity.

Framework agnostic

Because Ignited Js is just javascript it happens to be framework agnostic. That means you can use it with any popular server side framework, like Laravel, Django, Ruby on rails, Adonisjs, Phoenix elixir etc.