Often there is a truth behind the simple things in life. Less is more.


You might be wondering what the diagram above is. Well, for those that know it represents the branching of the 'Debian' linux system. Linux has come to represent the power of choice.

Now choice can be good, but looking at the state of web today, has the many, many options to do almost the same thing helped you, or has it been a constant burden?

We firmly believe, we have too MANY choices right now. And that is why we're all struggling. This isn't just a problem for one ecosystem / programming paradigm, this has spread across the entire web landscape.

Not only is an endless amount of options a bad thing, it has lead to an over engineering philosophy at every single turn. Are we actually solving problems or are we just inventing new tools to solve a problem we had already solved years ago? Sometimes it might not be so obvious. There is a lot of noise that gets in the way.

Hopefully, we can convince you, less choice is good. The majestic monolith might actually be the right fit for your next project?

laurel laurel

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